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Policies and Procedures for Continuing Education

ALTA's Policies and Procedures for Continuing Education (Members Only) — This document includes general guidelines related to CEUs, requirements, topic areas, sponsoring agencies, and other related information.

ALTA CEU Policies and Procedures — Quick Reference (Revised 02/02/2020)  — This document includes specific information about earning ALTA CEUs, annual audits, and what qualifies for a CEU. There is extensive information about what workshops, conferences, meetings, books, videos, webinars and virtual events may qualify, along with information about earning CEU credits by giving a presentation or organizing an ALTA professional group in your area. 

ALTA Policies regarding Hybrid Training

ALTA has approved the following criteria for Hybrid training. Hybrid training is a specific combination of face to face traditional training, supplemented with some online content.

  • Greater that 50% of the training content is done Face to Face in the traditional classroom setting.
  • Content for Face to Face must include the following:
  • Multisensory introductions of graphemes
  • Multisensory introductions of phonemes
  • Multisensory concept introduction of teaching the structure of language (Alphabet, Reading and Spelling)
  • Instruction of multisensory techniques or procedures for teaching or practices
  • Multisensory practicum practice of Phonological Awareness, Handwriting, Reading, Spelling and Oral and Written Language           

  • Less than 50% of the lecture content of the course may be online learning (asynchronous or synchronous format)
  • Content for Online Learning may include the following:
  • Characteristics of Dyslexia
  • History of Dyslexia
  • ALTA Ethics
  • Human Growth and Development
  • Prerequisites for Reading and Writing
  • Synthetic and Analytic Phonics
  • Book Reports/Journal Articles
  • Overview of 504 and IDEA
  • Federal and State Laws
  • History of Orton Gillingham
  • Brain Research and Dyslexia
  • Evidence Based Research Data
  • Formal Report Writing Instructions
  • Other topics closely related to Dyslexia

  • Practicum: Supervised clinical teaching is embedded in the coursework and includes observation of an individual teaching in a one-on-one situation or a small group according to ALTA standards. Supervised clinical teaching hours can be observed using varied electronic formats, and/or face to face.