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Member FAQ

When does my Texas license expire? How much does it cost to renew my license? How many CEUs do I need to renew my license? Etc. Etc.

Please contact the Texas Department of State Health Services at 512-834-6656 or dyslexia@dshs.state.tx.us. You can find more about licensing by clicking here. This has a link to the Texas Department of State Health Services site where applications and contact information is as well.

When does my membership expire?

The ALTA year runs from March 1-February 28. You will receive a renewal notice in the mail by March 1 and it should be returned by March 31. After this date, you will be required to pay a late fee.

My password isn't working. Can you help me?

If your membership is current and the password you were emailed is not working, it is possible you are typing it in wrong. Many times letters and numbers are confused. Ex. 0 vs. O and I vs. L. Trying highlighting the password you received and right clicking to select copy. Then right click and paste it in the password blank on the ALTA website.

I need to update my email address, phone, address, etc.

You can update your profile information by logging into the members area.

I need a new membership card. Where do I get one?

Please log into the members area to print a new membership card.

I'm not listed in the directory. Why not?

ALTA has two directories — members only and public. In order to appear in both, you must check the boxes for both in your profile. Log into the members area to change your directory settings. Please note that if you have not renewed, you will not show up in either directory.

If I earn more than 10 CEUs, can they be rolled over to the next year?

A maximum of 10 contact hours of CEU credit may be accrued during a renewal period. Any extra CEUs accrued may be applied during the next three consecutive renewal periods. First hours earned will be used first. If extra hours have not been used at the end of four years, those hours will be dropped.

Please carefully review the ALTA CEU FAQ.

How many CEUs do I need?

Please carefully review the ALTA CEU FAQ.

How do I record my CEUs?

Step 1: Log in to your ALTA profile using your email address and password to access the Members Only Section.

Step 2: Once in the member's only area, click the Record My CEUs link under the CEUs section.

Step 3: Go to the click here link highlighted at the top of the page in order to record CEU events on the verification form. You will fill out the necessary information accordingly, including the name of the event under Session Title, the date, presenters at the event, etc. Remember that 1 CEU is the equivalent to 1 hour attended at each event. If you attended an event for 3 hours, you will put 3 beside Number of Contact Hours. If you attended an event for 5 hours and 30 minutes, you will put 5.5.

Since you are renewing for 2019-2020, you list the CEUs you earned under CEU year 2018-2019. This is because you earned the CEUs in 2018-2019 so that you are able to renew for 2019-2020. Finally, click Submit. If you need to start over, click Reset to clear the information.

Step 4: Once the event is submitted, you will click the link that says Click here to verify that the information is correct on the following page. Your CEUs will appear in a list format by membership year. If you need to update any information, or delete the entire event, click Update or Delete to the left of the event session title.

When it's time to turn in your CEU Verification Form, you should have 10 CEUs for the completed membership year.

Step 5: Any extra CEUs will roll over to the next renewal year. For instance, if you accumulated 13 CEUs in one year, 3 of those CEUs listed must go under the following year category. If you need to split some of your events up between membership periods in order to fit 10 CEUs under a specific year, you may do so. Here's an example: Suppose you have 2 events listed under 2018-2019. Event X counted for 6 CEUs, and Event Y counted for 7 CEUs. Obviously, there are 3 more CEUs listed than are required. Take one of those events and divide it between 2018-2019 and 2019-2020. You would list the remaining 3 CEUs for Event X under 2019-2020 with the exact same session title, date, etc., just a different CEU year because you are rolling the extra over.

Step 6: Once the CEUs are recorded correctly, and click Members Only under the Members tab. Midway down the page, click Print My CEU Verification Form under the CEUs/Audit section. Print the form and preserve a copy for your records. If you are a QI or ICALP, or if you were selected for a CEU audit, then you will need to mail the form in with proof of the CEUs you listed.

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